The story of ByNoor started in 2015, during a "kind-of-warm" Scandinavian summer evening. Looking out to the small islands that lie off the southern Norwegian coast line and over a glass of cold white wine, the idea of ByNoor was born. With respect for mother nature, its inhabitants and Scandinavia itself, the thought sparked to create a pure Scandinavian and professional hair care brand, which gives great results while being vegan.

After numerous laboratory tests in our production facility in Sweden and dozens of user tests, we finally released the first ByNoor line, consisting of basic professional hair care and styling products in early 2017.

Up to this day each product is produced with a lot of love and passion and is sourced from selected high-quality ingredients to withstand all kinds of Nordic weather conditions. All packed up in a timeless, minimalistic, Scandinavian design, the products become a statement for interior and design lovers alike.

"Why did we call our brand ByNoor and what is your slogan all about?", you might ask. Good question! "Noor" stands for "north" in Norwegian, together with "by", expressing the Scandinavian origin. Applying ByNoor products to your hair is an experience in itself, which hopefully makes you smile each time. We therefore also created the slogan "Scandinavian hair care for that everyday bliss." to portray our belief, that everyone deserves a moment of happiness, every day. If only present in a swift moment in time, happiness is what drives all of us and what we all are striving for. So, if we can do our part here, we reached our goal! 

...and let us tell you, this is just the beginning! We strive to release new products continuously, to please the diverse needs of our customers and thus create as much happiness as we possibly can. 

Do you have a request for a new product? We`d love to hear from you. Just drop us a line in the contact form below.

Ok, but now, let`s wrap it up! This is why you should give ByNoor a try...

...we only use selected high-quality vegan ingredients

...all products smell awesome

...you will be super happy with the results

...you will freshen up your bathroom in Scandinavian style, a statement in itself

...you can take care of your hair with a very good conscience, no animals are being harmed in the production process, in any way whatsoever 

That should be enough to convince you, that ByNoor will be your new favorite hair care line.

Cheers from the north!

Your ByNoor team