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We've all been there: you wash your hair, and then it's so frizzy that you can't even run a brush through it.

Or maybe your hair is dry and brittle, so much so that you've resorted to using conditioner as a moisturizer.

That's where ByNoor Curl Definer comes in! This leave-in cream restores shine and give bounce to your curls while providing loads of moisture. It's made with Argan oil, Shea oil, and other natural ingredients that give the hair moisture without weighing it down. This cream leaves hair soft and shiny.

Benefits of using oils in your curly hair routine include strengthening the hair, preventing breakage, and promoting hair growth. Oils aid in moisture retention, humidity protection, shine, and softness. Fortunately, many oils are multi-purpose and can be used at various steps in your haircare routine.

Use: Apply 1-2 pumps of the product to towel-dried hair and let it dry.


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