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Blonde hair

Violet toning

ByNoor Violet Toning helps to freshen up and maintain cool shades in natural, colored or lightened hair. Contains violet pigments and blackberry extract which help to neutralize unwanted yellow tinge.


Healthy hair

Use the right products to keep your hair healty!


Pure moisture

With argan oil that provides moisture and shine, and proteins that have a strengthening and protective effect on the hair. 100% vegan ingredients and produced in Sweden.


Style it right!

Every product you need to style your hair. And of course 100% vegan aswell!


Pure volume

Contains Vitamin B5 which helps to retain moisture and increase volume. The shampoo is made in Sweden and contains 100% vegan ingredients.


Everything you need

Shampoo, hairspray or wax? We got you covered! With our wide sortiment of products, we ensure that we have a product that fits you and your hair.

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