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The first ByNoor collection consisting of basic hair care and styling was launched in early 2017. Our products are made with passion and love, and with high-quality ingredients free of parabens and sulfates adapted to the Nordic weather. All packaging has a timeless, minimalist design and blends right into every design lover's home

"Why the name ByNoor and what is our vision?" "Noor" stands for "nor" in Norwegian, together with "by" for the Scandinavian origin. Using ByNoor products for your hair is an experience that will most likely make you smile. We therefore coined the term "Scandinavian hair care for that everyday bliss" to focus on the fact that everyone deserves a little moment of joy in their everyday life.

If only for a small moment, happiness is the ultimate goal for all of us. If we can contribute a little to you experiencing happiness in your everyday life, we have reached our goal.

​...and let us tell you, this is just the beginning! We will continuously launch new products based on feedback from our customers to satisfy their needs and thus create even more happiness.

Do you have any ideas for new products? Then we would like to hear from you. Use the contact form under contact and send us your thoughts.

Here are 5 good reasons to try ByNoor:

❤ We only use selected high quality ingredients and you will be super happy with the result

❤ All our products smell amazing!

❤ Your bathroom will have a trendy Scandinavian feel with these products

❤ You can take care of your hair with a clear conscience knowing that our products are not tested on animals

❤ You get all this at a price that your wallet will like

All products are sold exclusively at and


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